Recently I’ve had difficulty reading small print

Do any of these situations sound familiar ?

  • In the evening, I have trouble reading on my phone.

  • After I spend a long time reading, focusing my eyes becomes hard.

  • I need to hold the newspaper farther away than I used to.

  • I feel my eyes strain when I have to read small print.

Your eyes’ focusing abilities could be getting weaker.

The capacity of your eyes to focus on objects up-close, called accommodation power, may be reduced. This is traditionally called presbyopia, which is a vision disorder that occurs as you age. But in reality, this decrease in power often starts at an early age – you just may not have noticed. In order for your eyes to recover their capacity to focus at all distances, you need lenses with a power variation called progressive lenses.

The Nikon lenses that fit your needs

There are three types of Nikon lenses that restore proper vision at all distances. The right choice for you will depend on your main activities and lifestyle.

Nikon progressive lenses

The most practical and comfortable choice to see clearly, both near and far. Nikon has a wide range of progressive lenses to fit your individual needs.

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Extended near-vision lenses

The ideal lenses for deskwork and computer use, providing an extended depth of field and an extra-large width of clear vision.

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