I’d like to get sunglasses that also correct my vision

Do any of these situations sound familiar ?

  • Because I wear corrective eyeglasses, I miss out on enjoying sunglasses.

  • I had tinted corrective lenses put on my eyeglasses, but I can’t see well with them

You can choose special lenses that maintain a perfect correction and still match the curved shape of sunglasses.

Sports sunglasses use lenses that are more curvy than ordinary lenses. If ordinary corrective lenses are fitted on such frames, it results in the axis of the lens not being aligned with the axis of your vision. This makes the lens power seen by the eye different from the actual power.

The Nikon lenses that fit your needs

You don’t have to choose between perfect vision and the perfect sunglasses. Nikon has developed lenses designed to give you a perfect fit when used in a high-end frame.

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