I want lenses to match the shape of my sunglasses

Do any of these situations sound familiar ?

  • I want to choose a fashionable frame style, but my optician told me that the only lenses available that fit the curve of my frame are basic grade.

  • I want to get sports eyeglasses fitted to my eye correction needs, but I don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the lenses.

Why the curve of your lenses matters

Lots of fashionable sunglass brands and sports frames can be fitted with corrective lenses to replace their original lenses. The problem is finding the right lenses, because they need to be more curved than standard corrective lenses.

Using ordinary lenses isn’t the right solution, because the curve won’t properly match and won’t give you the results you desire. This is especially true if the lenses are dark tinted—they’ll end up looking very unnatural.

Also, matching flat lenses on a curvy frame can put tension on the lens and can result in optical aberrations. It will also compromise the strength of the glasses.

High-curve corrective lenses need a special, custom-made design adaptation in order to eliminate uncomfortable prismatic effects.

The lenses that fit your needs

Nikon offers the option of selecting the base curve on several product lines. The optical surface of these lenses is specially calculated to match the curvature of the frame while preserving a high preciseness of vision correction.

Ask your optician about Nikon lenses best fitted for use on sunglasses.

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